Welcome to your Spiritual Sisterhood of Changemakers!

Are you searching for inspiration, affirmation and connection with other like-hearted women? Our Venerable Women sisterhood understands you and opens our arms to you!


Venerable Women are women who believe they are here on Earth to make a difference, to make the world a better place.


We walk a spiritual or self-awareness path seeking to live with higher consciousness and love in all we do.


Some of us feel alone as we try to navigate being a spiritual woman and business owner.

We long to fully live in our power: not power over others, but power within and with others.

To be real about it, we are taking our power back.


Some of us are challenged by not being paid what we are worth for the extraordinary gifts and services we offer. When we learn how to claim our abundance, we become conscious wealth creators and change the world in our own, unique ways.


So, why the word venerable to describe our sisterhood? Founder Dawn Morningstar asked the Divine for a word that would help women to see themselves as worthy, respected, loved and honored. A few days later the word venerable seemed to come out of nowhere! She wasn’t sure exactly what it meant, but welcomed it when she discovered it meant “worthy of honor and respect by virtue of wisdom and experience.” Dawn added the word love: worthy of honor, love and respect.


After 5,000 years of patriarchy (an unbalanced, unhealthy masculine-dominated system), Dawn knew that to restore balance and create harmony for future generations, the patriarchy needed to be replaced—not by another hierarchy but by a system that honors the venerability of all people. She knew business woman were key to this evolution and keeps her focus on women’s empowerment.


When a woman does better, so too, does everyone around her. Imagine a world where all women have everything they need (self-worth, energy, resources of every kind, support, oneness with their Divine) to transform the entire world. These are Venerable Women like you!


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