Spark Package

As a spiritual woman starting a business, are you ready to be the light --

or are these questions holding you back?

  • How do I get started?

  • How do I integrate my passions, talents and skills into a business I will love?

  • How do I structure my business – what model do I follow?

  • What do I need to know to manage my business?

  • How can I align old business guidelines with my personal vision and values?

  • What beliefs about money and abundance may be holding me back?

  • Am I good enough or am I waiting for someone to validate my expertise?

  • Who are my ideal clients, customers or patients and how do I find them?

  • How do I market my business for success?

  • How do I do this all by myself?

How We Help You Shine

As spiritual business/life coaches, Dawn Morningstar and Mecca Page guide you through the following steps using wisdom from the feminine Divine, our many years of business experience and the principles of the 12 Venerable Attitudes as outlined in the book Venerable Women: Transform Yourself, Transform the World by Dawn Morningstar.

  • We provide you with a business start-up checklist.

  • Together, we evaluate your passions, talents and skills to create clarity and determine the brightest way to integrate them into a business that reflects you and your vision.

  • We help you determine the best business structure/model for your vision.

  • Based on your business structure/model, we offer guidelines to help you manage your business and provide resource guidance with do’s and don’ts.

  • We share insights and wisdom into ways you can integrate new business guidelines from the feminine Divine to align with your personal vision and values – infusing spiritual energy into your unique business.

  • Together we explore your beliefs about money and abundance, providing methods to help you change any limiting beliefs.

  • We offer confidence-building techniques to overcome any validation issues.

  • We help identify your ideal clients, customers or patients to create clear messaging.

  • We walk you through the myths and truths of marketing and co-create a plan for marketing your business.

  1.   We review/create your business name with a coordinated email address

  2.   Co-create a business logo and tag line (yes, you really need a tag line!)

  3.   Refine your business card layout, ready for print

  4.   Sacred Path Process

  • Develop your profound Sacred Self-Descriptor Phrase

  • Unearth your Spiritual Intention

  • Create your business mantra

5.   Prioritize, strategize and unify your offerings (your workshops, retreats,       

      services, and products

6.   Co-create your ten-page website*  with Dawn and Mecca using Wix in real               time together (*additional charge for e-commerce site with store)

  • We are your team and are here to help you succeed.

Your Spark Package includes the Spark Sacred Ceremony that launches your offerings into the world. You’ll also receive a complimentary one-year membership in Venerable Women Changemakers.

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