Audiobook CD - Venerable Women: Transform Ourselves Transform the World 2nd Edition

Audiobook CD - Venerable Women: Transform Ourselves Transform the World 2nd Edition

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Venerable Women Audiobook CDs 


Listen as Dawn Morningstar narrates her award-winning book, Venerable Women: Transform Ourselves: Transform the World. This audiobook was recorded using renewable solar energy and includes bonus material and original music composed by Bryan Schumann. Discover essential tools for positive transformation through this captivating guide to venerable living. 

Thought leader Dawn Morningstar has updated and expanded the powerful message in her 2016 award-winning book Venerable Women, Transform Ourselves, Transform the World. Focused on a message of hope and transformation for seekers, Dawn fulfilled her commitment to share 50 talks in 50 weeks. Her first talk of the fifty was for a group of thoughtful women the day after the 2016 U.S. presidential election. 
In the 49 talks that followed Dawn saw first-hand how her message was becoming a movement, uplifting and changing lives among those practicing the 12 V-Attitudes (Venerable Attitudes). Dawn’s evolution is evident through her Message of Inclusion and a first-person rendition of the V-Attitudes. 


Venerable Women: Transform Ourselves, Transform the World provides listeners with insights that will:

• help heal old wounds
• model positive behavior
• bring greater overall confidence
• provide clarity and focus for achieving dreams and goals
• restore faith in self and others
• increase awareness of our own behaviors and their outcome


Those looking for inspiration and guidance on the path to living as their highest and best selves will find Morningstar’s Twelve Venerable Attitudes (or 12 V-Attitudes) transformational and awakening.


In this spellbinding exploration of the journey to greater joy, you will see how each person is already designed to live an extraordinary life. Venerable Women invites listeners to stand in their own power and live as their highest and best selves.