Uncover Your Personal Power: Five States of Venerable Being Online Workshop

Uncover Your Personal Power: Five States of Venerable Being Online Workshop

  • $38.00

Are you tired of feeling bad about yourself from time to time--and wonder how you can stop judging and learn to love yourself? 

Whether you are new to a path of self-discovery and spirituality, or have been on that journey for years, you will benefit from understanding what it means to live a venerable life. By venerable, we mean worthy of honor, love, and respect by virtue of your wisdom and experience. At our core, we are all venerable. Uncovering your personal power is the first step.
  1. Learn how to stop judging yourself and others once and for all
  1. Believe in and actualize your ability to change
  1. Increase your spiritual confidence, trusting in your Divine self
  1. Uncover who you really are while staying in the flow of grace
  1. Walk your path as an expression of the Divine on earth

In this unique workshop you will learn the Five States of Venerable Being and how we each move among them in our daily lives. Using consciousness and inner awareness, you will discover fives ways you express the presence of the Divine in all aspects of your life, even when you are not feeling at your best. You will stop judging yourself and others, increase your spiritual confidence, uncover your truest self, and make changes to express as the highest and best version of yourself—no matter what’s going on around you, or inside you.

After you register for this online workshop, you will receive call-in information within 24 hours.