Special Pricing Venerable Women Facial Serum #18

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Venerable Oil of Awakening "18," lovingly called "18" by enthusiasts, is a highly resonating sacred blend of 18 earth-pure, natural, and beneficial essential oils.

Made in small batches using an ancient ritual, Oil of Awakening "18" blesses the one who uses it and everyone they encounter. Not only is it glorious for your face, neck, and hands, it aligns with what your skin needs -- and provides it--wherever you use it on your body.

Here are just a few ingredients in "18" and their healing properties:

❤ French lavender--calms and clears the skin, supports healthy stress response, balances emotions

❤ Rose Otto--cooling and restorative, soothing, timeless beauty aromatherapy

❤ Coconut oil--anti-fungal and natural antibacterial, skin softener, claimed to be helpful for psoriasis and eczema

❤ Cocoa butter--ultra hydradating, emollient, fights signs of aging

❤ Raw honey--full of antioxidant, creates natural glow, clarifying

❤ Aloe vera--soothes rashes and burns, calms inflammation, accelerates healing of cold sores

"The magic of '18' is the rich but not heavy cream. As a producer and publisher in this busy world, I make sure I never run out by having a monthly delivery subscription. After using '18' for the past few years, I need a lot less face care and makeup. Having mature skin, I get a softer more youthful look, by treating my décolletage and neck area.
This brings me confidence and joy." --Gayle Gladstone, California

"I love '18' and use it morning and night! I feel like it's the first defense for my skin and everything else is just icing on the cake! Because of how smooth my skin feels, I am using less of my face makeup; it just glides on and I need less of it. Even though '18' is made with oils, it absorbs quickly and I don't feel greasy-- just moisturized." --Val DeKam, Michigan

"'18' smells amazing and keeps the moisture in my skin for hours. I stopped using '18' for awhile and noticed a big difference. NY can have rough winters, and I was not liking how my skin felt or looked. As soon as I got '18' again so many people asked what I was doing because I looked so much younger and refreshed!! I can see the difference and feel the difference in my face. I also use it on my neck, elbows and hands!! I have not found anything like it.
Thank you, Dawn!" --Lorraine Zemba, New York

You can make Oil of Awakening "18" a part of your daily routine of self-care and self-love. "18" inspires you to live worthy of honor, love, and respect--and to expand honor, love, and respect to all of life.