Private Invitation: Living LOVE (Life Of Venerable Expression)

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Are you feeling like it is time to make some changes in your life, so you can stop postponing your happiness? Are you tired of feeling misunderstood as you become more aware of your spirituality? Do you want to be with women who speak your language—and get you? Then become part of Venerable Women’s Living LOVE sisterhood! Here’s what Living LOVE sisters say:

“The Living Love Circle came to me when I needed it the most!  I'm making many changes in my life and this program has supported these choices.  The sisterhood that I have in this group has helped me beyond words...”            

Katie Wornson-Knaak

 “I have found my time with the Venerable Women to be one of the most transformational times in my current life's walk."               

Jody Benson Buell

“Thanks to Living LOVE I have found the circle of like-minded women I have been yearning for. I look forward to sharing a safe, sacred circle with my ‘sisters’!” 

Sonya Parks

What is “venerable?”

 It’s a fancy-pants, high-resonating word that means “worthy of honor, love and respect by virtue of wisdom and experience.” And venerability is what women are being called to see within themselves—and to honor in others.

What is Living LOVE?

Living LOVE (Life Of Venerable Expression) is the life-changing Venerable Women program that provides tools for personal empowerment and the deepening of spiritual understanding, and ways to have healthy relationships with others.

Living LOVE is a deep dive into the 12 V-Attitudes (Venerable Attitudes), which form three facets of wholeness: relationship with yourself, relationship with the Divine and relationship with others.

The 12 V-Attitudes are the core principles of Dawn Morningstar’s award-winning book “Venerable Women: Transform Ourselves, Transform the World.” These gems support you to live as your highest and best self so you lead a happy and fulfilled life as the woman you came to Earth to be.

When the 12 V-Attitudes are practiced they transform your life and become part of the fabric of your everyday living. These guideposts bring many spiritual principles and teachings together for a simplified, effective self-awareness practice.

How we'll gather:

  • In a small, invitation-only circle with like-hearted women who become a sisterhood (Normally this class is open to the public, and will be again. For this gathering though, I chose to gather women together I believe will resonate at a high level.)
  • In a high vibrational gathering which is safe, nurturing, non-judgmental and honors the voice of each woman in the circle
  • In ways that encourage each woman to live authentically as her highest-and-best self
  • Encouraging individual inner wisdom rather than advice-giving

When we'll gather: Saturday & Sunday, January 18th and 19th from 10 AM to 5 PM both days.

Lunch, beverages and snacks are provided for both days

Where we'll gather:

At “Mariella,” in St. Paul, the home of Dawn Morningstar

Facilitated by Dawn Morningstar, Venerable Women founder


Normally $995. A special offering of $495 because it is a weekend format. A portion of all Venerable Women sales is donated to the Venerable Women Empowerment Foundation which supports women coming out of prison and starting new lives.

 Extra Benefits:

  • First notice of private Venerable Women gatherings
  • Discounts on select Venerable Women products and services
  • Upon completion of Living LOVE, participant may be considered to become a Venerable Women Luminary Leader
  • Ongoing support from Venerable Women sisters who have completed Living LOVE
  • Become part of a sisterhood that is consciously creating a new world where love and kindness prevail