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Dawn Morningstar is an advocate for women, award-winning author, master life coach, speaker, podcast host, educator and creator of Facial Serum #18.

Here is Dawn's story about creating Facial Serum #18.

I had my esthetician’s license many years ago so that I could assist my friend who is an Emmy-nominated make-up artist. Having that training taught me a lot about skin and skincare.


An organic lotion I’d been using for several years had a change in its formula and the lotion no longer moisturized my face like it had before. I called the president of that company to ask her to please go back to the old formula and she said no.


I went on a search to find a replacement, trying many moisturizers and lotions. Either they didn’t work or they contained chemicals or toxic ingredients. I was getting frustrated.


So one day, I decided to place some pure and beneficial ingredients into my blender and after making nearly 50 small batches, landed on the one that made my skin feel deeply moisturized, silky and smooth. Hours later, my skin still felt and looked beautiful. After using it exclusively on my face for a few weeks, my friends and family complimented my skin and asked if I’d “had work done!” I had not.


An unexpected benefit from my formula, is that the fragrance of the essential and beneficial oils is both uplifting and calming.


People began asking if they could purchase my “magic lotion,” so I made a big batch and ordered some bottles and made labels on my computer. What should I call this beautiful moisture serum?


I decided to call my magic lotion Facial Serum #18 because it contains eighteen earth-pure ingredients and beneficial essential oils (98% organic)—and because I made the “winning” batch on the 18th of June, my daughter Lindsay’s birthday.

One of the first women who tried Facial Serum #18 said it made her skin feel like it did when she was 18 years old! I later learned that the number 18 in Hebrew means “life.”


Many women are devoted to using Facial Serum #18 exclusively as their moisturizer, so I send out monthly delivery subscriptions. Facial Serum #18 can be found at a very limited number of fine and mindful establishments.


Devotees simply call the serum “18.” It is the only thing I ever use to moisturize my skin. It can be used any place on the body, but most people use it on their face, earlobes, neck, décolletage and tops of hands. Some #18 enthusiasts who are grandmothers use it to sooth grand-baby bottoms from diaper rash!


Men love using #18 after shaving and some who have beards use it to condition their beards.

Individual bottles sell for $45, monthly subscriptions are $36 plus shipping.


It’s vegan, cruelty-free, and lovely--and most of all, it keeps skin hydrated for hours. It works!


A portion of profits from the sale of Facial Serum #18 go to the Venerable Women Empowerment Foundation, which supports women in transition by providing scholarships. 

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