The 12 V-Attitudes

The 12 Venerable Attitudes are the heart of the Venerable Women organization, philosophy, and movement.

Founder Dawn Morningstar was searching for a way to describe a venerable woman. She asked for guidance from the Feminine Divine, researched world literature, and recalled women whom she had met, coached, or was inspired by over the years.

Dawn uncovered twelve ways humanity is innately designed to live extraordinary lives--through an elevated relationship with self, with a higher power, and with others.

The12 V-Attitudes are an invitation, an inspiration, a guide, and a practice for all people to live as their highest and best selves.

The 12 V-Attitudes


1. A venerable woman empowers herself by using inner awareness to fulfill the needs of her body, mind, spirit, and heart.
2. A venerable woman embodies her highest and best self by safeguarding her values, accepting what is, and being authentic.
3. A venerable woman affirms the depth of her worth by accessing her finest self, making inspired choices, and doing what is hers to do.
4. A venerable woman creates and manifests powerfully by using intention, intuition, and feeling.


5. A venerable woman delights in a transcendent relationship with her Divine by committing to meaningful spiritual practice, receiving fresh inspiration, and living in sacred union.
6. A venerable woman calls forth grace in each moment by being present, embracing peace, and engaging fully in life.
7. A venerable woman lives as an expression of the Divine by acknowledging the presence of the Divine within her, knowing her soul, and using her gifts.
8. A venerable woman experiences joyful abundance by being grateful and generous, and believing in her innate prosperity.


9. A venerable woman uplifts each life she touches by practicing compassion, unconditional love, and kindheartedness.
10. A venerable woman loves and is beloved by inspiring deep connection, trust, and collaboration with others.
11. A venerable woman embraces the circle of life by honoring her ancestors and sharing virtue, wisdom, and traditions across generations.
12. A venerable woman transforms the world by transforming herself, contributing to humanity's evolvement, and interconnecting with all that is.