Living LOVE (Lives Of Venerable Expression) In-Person Program, Women Who Lead with Heart Webinar, and Luminary Leadership


 1. Living LOVE (a Life Of Venerable Expression) is the lifechanging Venerable Women self-empowerment program that provides teachings and practices for your conscious awakening, deepening of spiritual understanding, and elevation of your relationships with others.

Living LOVE is a deep dive into the 12 V-Attitudes (Venerable Attitudes) which form three facets of wholeness: your relationship with yourself, your relationship with the Divine (or Higher Power), and your relationship with others.

The 12 V-Attitudes are the foundational teaching from Dawn Morningstar’s award-winning book “Venerable Women: Transform Ourselves, Transform the World.” These gems support your to live as your highest and best self, so that you lead a happy and fulfilled life as the woman you came to Earth to be.

When the 12 V-Attitudes are practiced, they transform your life and become part of the fabric of your everyday living. These guideposts bring many spiritual principles and teachings together for a simplified, effective, self-awareness practice.

The Living LOVE Program is an in-person gathering (in sacred circle) and will be available online coming soon.

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Testimonial from a Living LOVE participant:

“The Living LOVE Circle was a supportive and safe space to become more connected. Through that deep connection to self, a higher power and others, we experience transformation and we evolve. For me the greatest gift was both a greater love of myself and the friendships I made with amazing women souls who are making a powerful difference in this world.”
– Anna Forliti