Living LOVE (Lives Of Venerable Expression) In-Person Program, Women Who Lead with Heart Webinar, and Luminary Leadership


 1. Living LOVE (Life Of Venerable Expression) is the lifechanging Venerable Women self-empowerment program that provides safe space for conscious awakening, the deepening of spiritual understanding, and the elevation of relationships with others.

Living LOVE is a deep dive into the 12 V-Attitudes (Venerable Attitudes) which form three facets of wholeness: relationship with self, relationship with the Divine, and relationship with others.

The 12 V-Attitudes are the foundational teaching from Dawn Morningstar’s award-winning book “Venerable Women: Transform Ourselves, Transform the World.” These gems support women to live as their highest and best selves, so that they lead happy and fulfilled lives as the women they came to Earth to be.

When the 12 V-Attitudes are practiced individually and shared in a group, they transform lives and become part of the fabric of everyday living. These guideposts bring many spiritual principles and teachings together for a simplified, effective self-awareness practice.

Living LOVE takes place in in-person gatherings and starting in March will be available online.

Living LOVE starting in April led by Luminary Leader Pamela Joy Kocinski in Minneapolis, MN.


Testimonial from a Living LOVE participant:

“The Living LOVE Circle was a supportive and safe space to become more connected. Through that deep connection to self, a higher power and others, we experience transformation and we evolve. For me the greatest gift was both a greater love of myself and the friendships I made with amazing women souls who are making a powerful difference in this world.”
– Anna Forliti


2. Women Who Lead with Heart + 21-Day Follow-Up Webinar

With everything going on in the news, it's easy to feel powerless, hopeless, and frightened. Have you found yourself saying, “I just don’t know what to do”?

We've been told that women's leadership styles are weak because we lead from the heart with compassion, kindness, and inclusion. Yet aren't those humanity's greatest strengths?

Like you, I spent many years staying silent or too afraid to take a stand for what I believed. I hadn't yet learned that I could make a difference by letting my heart lead the way.

Join me, Dawn Morningstar, master coach and founder of Venerable Women, for a powerful 90-minute webinar to:

In this webinar, you will go beyond your comfort zone and into living boldly--into our emboldened zone.
You will find that leading your life with heart is the answer and living becomes easier and easier.
You will really feel what life is like living in ease and grace—rather than struggle and limiting negativity.
You will receive a guided meditation, a powerful transformation tool, a 21-day follow up, and a meaningful teaching for your journey.

Explore what you are being called to say, create, or cause in the world. Your gift makes a difference.

The time is now. Let us begin together.

3. Luminary Leadership--Next training Fall 2019

This extraordinary training teaches reveals, develops, supports, and connects women leaders, teachers, healers, coaches, influencers, and lightworkers to: awaken and fine-tune thoughtful, illuminated leadership in order to further elevate the consciousness of the Luminary Leader, her participants, and ultimately the world.

The Luminary Leader advances her own evolution by doing what she came to this earth to do in regard to helping humanity and she models and inspires others to do the same.

Must have completed the Venerable Women Living LOVE (Lives Of Venerable Expression) Personal Empowerment Program (in person or online) and remain a committed practitioner of the 12 V-Attitudes. Must have had prior experience leading, teaching, facilitating, coaching, or hosting a group of any size.