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Starting, owning, running and building successful small businesses or practices can be over-whelming--even when using spiritual principles!

Individual women small-business owners (sometimes called “solo-preneurs") can encounter unique challenges taking their multi-tasking skills to the max, leaving them feeling exhausted and sometimes quite alone.  And at the end of the day, they may still not have all of the elements that make it possible for their business or practice to succeed.

We’ve heard stories (and experienced some ourselves!) of women spending thousands of dollars on a website and whenever they wanted to make a change, which we all do, they had to pay someone to make those changes for them. This is a very expensive way to operate; it takes away a woman’s freedom to change the date of an event, add a little something here or there on her site or add a new photo if she would like to do those things herself.

Other women we’ve worked with share “horror” stories of thinking they were making a good choice about an aspect of their business (like business cards, e-commerce, email marketing) only to discover it did not do what they thought it would. When this happens over and over, it wastes time, money and energy--and prevents women from sharing their actual business or practice with those who would benefit! Sometimes women run out of steam and give up.

Venerable Women exists to support women’s self-empowerment personally and professionally, which is how From the Heart Messaging and Branding (FHMB) was birthed.

When women bring their business ideas, products and services to the marketplace they improve our world and create greater positive influence and abundance. Sometimes our sisters in business just need a little help--from a divine feminine business perspective and a team of collaborators who are spiritual business women themselves and genuinely understand and care. They need a team--and to stop feeling alone.

Our many years of experience in marketing, messaging, branding and web design and break the chain of women’s dreams going unrealized. 

Take your business from woo-woo to woo-hoo! We’ll be right there with you. 

Mecca Page

Take your business from woo-woo to woo-hoo!

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