Luminary Leadership

The purpose of Luminary Leadership is to train women to become excellent leaders and facilitators -- and to use these skills in women's circles, gatherings, businesses and communities. It is an excellent addition to your professional skillset.


Luminary Leadership provides a way to earn income by teaching Venerable Women approved programs, courses and workshops.

This work spreads a positive message of women's empowerment and grows sisterhood.

Luminary Leadership is a training program created by founder Dawn Morningstar to inspire, develop, support, and connect women 

  • leaders

  • teachers

  • healers

  • coaches

  • influencers

  • lightworkers


To awaken and fine-tune thoughtful, illuminated women’s leadership to further elevate the consciousness of the Luminary Leader, her participants, and ultimately all those she influences. 


The Luminary Leader advances her own evolution by doing what she came to this earth to do in regard to helping humanity; she models and inspires others to do the same.


Must have completed the Venerable Women Living LOVE (Life Of Venerable Expression) Program (in person, via phone, or online) and remain a committed practitioner of the 12 V-Attitudes. Must have had prior experience leading, teaching, facilitating, coaching, or hosting a group of any size. 


After completion of the training, must apprentice with an experienced Luminary Leader, agree to licensing requirements, demonstrate high-level embodiment of Venerable Women principles and stay involved in ongoing support and training.

Program Outline

This program will excavate far beneath the surface of women’s extraordinary power to lead, influence, teach, coach, and heal on all levels and:

  • Build on the base of what’s been learned in Living LOVE (knowledge and practice of the 12 V-Attitudes, living with greater spiritual and self-awareness confidence)

  • Embrace and claim inner wisdom, intuition, and ability to serve at a high level

  • Explore the depth, use, and gift of keeping the integrity of every gathering

  • Understand the diversity of learning styles and how to honor them

  • Receive practical guidance on gathering size, curriculum, timing and charging a fee for Living LOVE circles you lead

  • Learn to transform challenging participants into fully engaged, collaborative ones

  • Stay updated on possibilities for Luminary Leadership opportunities within the Venerable Women Empowerment Foundation as they emerge

  • Receive one coaching session with Dawn Morningstar to address your specific intention to use Luminary Leadership in your practice, business, organization or other application

  • Stay in community with spiritually-awake, loving, kind, and evolved sisters on the path



  • $2500

  • Payment options available 


Certification Requirements

  • Complete all lessons 

  • Re-read each of the twelve V-Attitudes and commit to practice them to the best of your ability

  • Pay a yearly fee to use the Venerable Women copyrighted materials in your gatherings and coaching practice. You will receive ongoing support, discounts, updates and promotion of your circles through the Venerable Women organization website or other means

  • Schedule a strategy coaching session and completion interview with Dawn Morningstar

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