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In today's hectic world, it’s hard to stay inspired. We know you have many choices for inspiration, so we created a 2-minute video you can use to start your day or listen to during the day if life pulls you off center. You can also re-watch if you want to be reminded of how amazing you truly are!


The more centered, grounded and inspired we stay, the better it is for us personally and for all the people and experiences we encounter. 


Vines connote gentle, graceful growth which inspired the name “Your Daily Vine.” VINE is an acronym for:

  • Venerability
  • Inspiration

  • Nurturance

  • Expansion

“Your Daily Vine” is created with you in mind. May watching them also let you feel connection with all of us who share this inspiration Monday through Friday.


Together, we are changing the world for good.


Please enjoy, dear Sister. 

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Mystery &

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Rev. Judith Laxer

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