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Dawn Morningstar (her given name) is an advocate for women, award-winning author, master life coach, speaker, podcast host, educator, creator of Facial Serum #18, and the grateful mother of two venerable daughters. 

Dawn worked as an account executive for a national staffing agency in Washington, DC, and as a trainer for an international skincare company. She has a Master Coach Certification from Learning Journeys, The International Center of Coaching and has been coaching for nearly 30 years.

As a heart-centered entrepreneur, she launched two successful businesses: one that provided fundraising for public schools, daycare centers, and nonprofits, and the other coaching clients ready to live their highest and best lives. 

In 2007 Dawn coauthored Delicious Conversations: Arriving at Unexpected Moments of Joy (Gathering House) with Ruth M. Godfrey. Dawn released the first edition of Venerable Women: Transform Ourselves, Transform the World (Venerable Women LLC, 2016) which became a 2016 finalist in The International Book Awards and the Midwest Independent Publishing Association Awards. Dawn is a contributing author to Amazing Workplace: Creating the Conditions that Inspire Success (Spirit of Success LLC, 2017).  

Dawn Morningstar founded Venerable Women in 2013 as a sisterhood, a philosophy, and a movement with and for women who choose to manifest a kind and loving world, starting within themselves. Her life-changing signature program, Living LOVE (Lives Of Venerable Expression), inspires hope and transformation for the creation of a new world. 

In 2018, Dawn founded the Venerable Women Empowerment Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit, that promotes economic empowerment for women beginning with self-worth. Her 10-member board of directors is extraordinarily dedicated and stands with Dawn to make positive change in our world. 

Dawn has given over 1000 talks since 2016 and in November 2019, appeared on Tedx Talk Oakland speaking about women in prison.

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