Facial Serum #18

More Moisture with No Water
"Facial Serum #18 is the most effective facial moisturizer you
will find on the market.  It has no water and no chemicals. 


Every one of the ingredients in this amazing serum does a particular job for the skin--and does it well. It softens and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and crepe-paper skin. 


The unique formula hydrates and moisturizes for hours and hours but doesn’t stop there; it provides a protective mantle which prevents future damage due to dryness, heat and sun."

Barbara D. Berg, Esthetician

Earth-pure.      Artisan.        Hand-crafted in small batches.       Cruelty-free.       Vegan.

 Every ounce contains 18 earth-pure, nurturing ingredients.

Aloe vera--calms inflammation

Cocoa butter--hydrates and moisturizes of aging

Coconut oil--softens skin

Roman Chamomile--protects the skin

French lavender--calms and clears the skin

Rose Absolute--cools, soothes & restores

Proprietary blend delights skin by providing long-lasting, 

hydrating moisture

Formulated for Venerable Women by Founder, Dawn Morningstar

"I created this product because I wanted something that was not only non-toxic but actually good for body, mind, and spirit. Having had my esthetician's license, I know what is good for skin. I made hundreds of batches before perfecting this formula. It is the only moisturizer I EVER use on my face, neck, décolletage, and hands. I know you will love the fragrance!" --  Dawn Morningstar

Facial Serum #18, lovingly called simply "18" by enthusiasts,

is a highly resonating special blend of mostly organic, high-quality beneficial and essential oils.

Made in small batches by Dawn Morningstar using an ancient ritual, Facial Serum #18 blesses the one who uses it and everyone they encounter. Not only is it glorious for your face, neck, and hands, 

it aligns with what your skin needs -- and provides it -- wherever you use it on your body.

You will love this product!

1 oz Bottle


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Our subscriptions save you big money and 

guarantee you'll never run out!

Choose delivery every month or every two months

depending on your individual use.

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4oz Bottle Subscription

$136.00 per delivery (plus tax & shipping)

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What women are saying about Facial Serum #18

The magic of #18 is the rich but not heavy cream. As a producer and publisher in this busy world, I make sure I never run out by having a monthly delivery subscription. After using '18' for the past few years, I need a lot less face care and makeup. Having mature skin, I get a softer more youthful look, by treating my décolletage and neck area. This brings me confidence and joy.   --  Gayle Gladstone, California

"I love #18 and use it morning and night! I feel like it's the first defense for my skin and everything else is just icing on the cake! Because of how smooth my skin feels, I am using less of my face makeup; it just glides on and I need less of it. Even though '18' is made with oils, it absorbs quickly and I don't feel greasy-- just moisturized." --Val DeKam, Michigan

Every bottle sold helps support women in transition through the Venerable Women Empowerment Foundation our 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization.
So you can look beautiful and feel good about helping other women at the same!
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