Momentum Package

Are you a From the Heart Messaging & Branding client who

wants to keep the good times rolling

in sacred collaboration with Dawn and Mecca?

Do you need a quick Wix website update on an existing page?

  • You’ve had a wonderful FHMB experience and you want to continue co-creating in real time with Dawn and Mecca

  • You have come to value and appreciate the process and the magic that occurs when we create from the Beautiful State and the Limitless Field

  • You love having three hearts, three brains and six eyes focused on your business

  • You want to keep the energy flowing

  • You don’t want to return to business as usual and going it alone

  • You benefit from in-the-moment assessment and spiritually-confident decision- making

  • You’re excited about growth and opportunity in a team collaboration

  • You’ve grown accustomed to and want more of the laughter, love and support you have with us

  • Experience joy and wellbeing by fulfilling your Spiritual Intention for humanity in greater ways

How We Keep You Shining

You’re feeling good about your business and want to keep it that way –

or maybe you’re feeling stuck and want to get back on track.

You know we are here for you and you will benefit

from our ongoing collaboration

So, we created these options with you in mind!


For a monthly fee we keep your momentum going through continued co-creation. Choose the number of hours you’d like to work with us per month.

Reserve your spot with us today.


Here's how we can help you keep your momentum going:  

  •    Creating a new product or service

  •    Launching a new product or service

  •    Receiving a spiritual tune-up for your business or other area of your life

  •    Creating a plan for any area of your business or life 

  •    Taking a bird’s eye view of something you’re considering

  •    Creating marketing material (Facebook ad or banner, flyer, business card,   

          or other) or succinct verbiage (how to say it with clarity and flair)

  •    Updating or creating a resume/bio

  •    Video script editing or co-creating

  •    Speech editing or co-creating

  •    Designing an additional web page

  •    Curating media and materials to align with your message and brand

  •    Choosing the ideal name, look and feel, concept, structure for an event or

          other offering

  •    Determining the right time to write your book

  •    Presenting your book, material or message in a unique format (virtual   

          book or magazine)

  •    Word-smithing so clients understand what’s in your heart and specifically  

          what you are offering

  •    Evaluating and attracting your ideal client

  Or getting help with anything you want

“three hearts, three brains and six eyes focused on!”

In each meeting

  • We begin with a brief  sacred ritual to keep us present

  • You tell us what your focus is and we discern the best way to achieve it

  • We co-create a plan with Venerable Action Steps to move you in the direction of your desired outcome

Collaboration is Queen!
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