Legacy Package

Congratulations on your personal, professional and financial successes over the years!

Are you ready to build a legacy to light the way for women starting new businesses --

or struggling to succeed without having had the resources they’ve needed?

  • Has your vision for your business changed?

  • Are you retiring soon, thinking of selling your business or contemplating your legacy?

  • Is your business ready to develop a philanthropic cause?  

  • Would you like to help spiritual women business owners succeed – have greater influence to impact our world?

  • How do I do this by myself?

How You Help Women Shine

By purchasing this higher priced package, you make it possible for Venerable Women LLC to provide high-level service to women at an affordable rate.

 This includes services for FHMB’s Spark Package (women’s start-ups) and

Reignite Package (boosting struggling women’s businesses) clients.

How We Help You

Master Life Coach Dawn Morningstar and Designer/Developer Mecca Page,

stand with you as you choose the elements of your legacy and write your next chapters. Using the principles and wisdom of the Twelve Venerable Attitudes, our collective business expertise and feminine Divine guidance, we co-create this package tailored specifically to your desires as you change the world for good.

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Venerable Women LLC supports and helps fund the Venerable Women Empowerment Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that
provides scholarships to women in transition. 
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