Women Leading with Heart

Women Leading with Heart

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With everything going on in the news, it's easy to feel powerless, hopeless, and frightened. Have you found yourself saying, “I just don’t know what to do”?

We've been told that women's leadership styles are weak because we lead from the heart with compassion, kindness, and inclusion. Yet aren't those humanity's greatest strengths?

Women Leading With Heart Seminar (Phone or Online)

Like you, I spent many years staying silent or too afraid to take a stand for what I believed. I hadn't yet learned that I could make a difference by letting my heart lead the way.

Join me, Dawn Morningstar, master coach and founder of Venerable Women, for a powerful 90-minute seminar to:

  • look at where you are already leading
  • discover how to use your heart as your guide for inspired leadership
  • find new ways to create a path of transformation for yourself and others

You will receive a guided meditation, a powerful transformation tool, a 21-day follow up, and a meaningful teaching for your journey.

Explore what you are being called to say, create, or cause in the world. Your gift makes a difference.

The time is now. Let us begin together.

Monday, August 27th at 7PM CST (recording will be available with paid registration)