Luminary Leadership Program Monthly Payment Plan

  • $62.50

The Venerable Women Luminary Leadership Program will excavate far beneath the surface of women’s extraordinary power to lead, influence, teach, coach, and heal on all levels and:

  • Build on the base of what’s been learned in Living LOVE (knowledge and practice of the 12 V-Attitudes, living with greater spiritual and self-awareness confidence)
  • Be among the first to learn the communication techniques presented in Dawn’s upcoming new book, co-written with Ruth Godfrey
  • Explore the depth, use, and gift of emotions
  • Learn, practice, and become certified in the ATM technique
  • Be coached and coach others in the group (with guidance by Dawn Morningstar using master coaching techniques)
  • Participate in “Take Your Higher Self to Another’s Work Day,” in group gatherings at participant’s work or practice location
  • Receive one personal coaching session with Dawn Morningstar
  • Use techniques and tools recommended by The Theory of Multiple Intelligences,  (to include and embrace all learning styles)
  • Stay in community with spiritually-awake, loving, kind, and evolved women on the path


  • Six Month Program beginning Thursday, April 5, 2018
  • Meet monthly, the first Thursday of the month, in St. Paul from 6:30 to 8:30. Dinner and beverages will be available for purchase before our gathering


  • $350 if paid in full by first gathering
  • Monthly payments available ($375 total; monthly payments $62.50)
  • No refunds

For further details about the program, click here