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Dawn Morningstar is an advocate for women, award-winning author, master life coach, speaker, podcast host, educator, creator of Facial Serum #18.

In 2007 Dawn coauthored Delicious Conversations: Arriving at Unexpected Moments of Joy (Gathering House) with Ruth M. Godfrey. Dawn released Venerable Women: Transform Ourselves, Transform the World (Venerable Women LLC, 2016) which became a 2016 finalist in The International Book Awards and the Midwest Independent Publishing Association Awards. Dawn is a contributing author to Amazing Workplace: Creating the Conditions that Inspire Success (Spirit of Success LLC, 2017).  

Dawn coaches aspiring authors to bring their unique message to the world in written form. Getting their books to the marketplace after a memorable book launch is something no author wants to do alone. Dawn collaborates throughout the process, not in the role of editor, but in the role of partner and guide. 


In the coaching partnership, we call upon intuition, self-love, mutual respect, and divine possibility to align your highest and best self with your vocation and calling. Your book will change the world by expanding the sphere of your wisdom into the lives of those who seek.

Message is everything. In order for your message to be authentic and properly understood by your ideal audience, you need clarity and focus. Make certain you are reaching those who will benefit most from your wisdom, talents, and gifts. Validated Voices is a program to support you in gaining clarity and focus within your message.

Validated Voices Package: Write Your Book

• Save energy, time, and money with proven methods

• Nuts and bolts—get what you need to know to start

• Clarify your message

• Create your outline

• Identify your audience

• Find your ideal editor

• Discover do’s and don’ts for your cover

• Write a compelling book proposal (even if you’re self-publishing)

• Learn pros and cons of self-publishing

• Submit your book for awards

• Host an extraordinary book launch

• Set up readings and talks about your book

Essential Package: 6 one-hour sessions, unlimited phone, email, and text (duration of program)

Expansion Package: 12 one-hour sessions, unlimited phone, email, and text (duration of program)

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