Like many women, you’ve probably been encouraged to “live your best life.” But, what does that really mean and how do you do it? What’s the secret to stop postponing your happiness and start living your best life?


Coaching women for 30 years showed me four ways women prevent themselves from living fulfilling, prosperous, joyful lives.


I created the BEST Life Practice to share what these ways are so you can start living YOUR best life right now. You’ll learn to use Boundaries, Empowerment, Self-worth and Transformation—

in very unique and easy ways.


This life-changing workshop is taught by Venerable Women founder and master life coach, Dawn Morningstar. In this workshop, you will learn:


  • Learn what they are and why they matter

  • See how honoring boundaries supports you to focus on what you value, align your inner higher self with your outer world and make clear decisions for better living

  • Embrace a practice to stay aware of sacred boundaries within yourself and respect the boundaries of others


  • Understand how to empower yourself rather than relying on people or outer circumstances to do that for you

  • Learn the two powerful questions to ask in internal dialogue throughout the day

  • See how being self-empowered is key to feeling peaceful within and being of service to others in greater ways


  • Learn the value and reasons for doing what needs to be done: no more,

       no less

  • Become aware of the freedom and joy that comes from living in authenticity and wholeness

  • Let go of past patterns that devalue you


  • Activate a joyful way of being

  • Feel a new sense of gratitude for life

  • Understand how your happiness contributes to the wellbeing of all

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