Are you a Changemaker?

Changemakers are women who know at a deep level that they are alive at this time in history to transform our world as healers, coaches, spiritual teachers, creatives, Lightworkers, spiritual business owners and conscious entrepreneurs. 

Venerable Women Changemakers value the power of shared inspiration, collaboration and sisterhood. They know they are here to change the world with one another. 

Power in Numbers

Changemakers are the movers and shakers of our new paradigm, a world that is breaking free from the grip of patriarchal control and influence.

This new world embraces a feminine way of living and conducting business in collaboration and deep relationship -- while creating harmony for all humanity.


While Changemakers are inherently strong individuals, their power and magic is even greater when they come together in spiritual sisterhood.


If this resonates with you, we welcome you to join our spiritual sisterhood of Changemakers!  


Join with other spiritual women in business to bring your business to a higher level,

while changing the world for good in your own unique ways.


You’ll have a podcast recording to use to promote your service, product or practice. And each month, you’ll have a full page ad in Venerable Women's WOW (Weekly Online Word) mini-magazine -plus monthly Zoom meetings to connect with other Changemakers and learn new ways to make your business shine. Check out the other benefits below!


Women do business best in nurturing relationships and shared wisdom which is what you'll experience

in this unique feminine-divine based membership.

You'll receive:

  • A full page ad (using video or audio if you like) in the Changemaker Sponsors section of the weekly Venerable Women's WOW (Weekly Online Word) mini-magazine (and receive a pdf, png or jpeg of your page to use in other ways!)

  • A monthly 30-minute business consultation with Dawn Morningstar and Mecca Page. 

  • A one-time, 20-minute podcast interview about your business with Dawn Morningstar. You will receive the podcast link to be used however you like.

  • A link to your website on the Venerable Women homepage.

  • Monthly online Changemakers Zoom gatherings to overcome business challenges, receive support and learn new ways to be successful--from a powerful Feminine Divine spiritual perspective.

  • A 20% Discount on select Venerable Women products, programs, events and workshops.

$50 per month


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