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Venerable Women: Transform Ourselves
Transform the World

Dawn Morningstar’s book offers essential tools for positive transformation through a captivating and comprehensive narrative. This guide to venerable living is the cornerstone of the organization, philosophy, and movement.

Feel inspired on every page of this award-winning book. Venerable Women: Transform Ourselves, Transform the World gives you insights and tools to:

• stop relying on others for your own happiness
• grant yourself permission to live the life you really want to be living
• value the gifts and wisdom you bring to the world
• create a path forward to live in alignment with your highest and best self

Learn Dawn Morningstar’s divinely inspired Twelve Venerable Attitudes (or 12 V-Attitudes) for your transformational awakening.

This spellbinding book will delight you and help you to see why your transformation elevates your own life and is so important to our world.

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