Affirmation Cards

Venerable Women
Affirmation Cards
You will love these
gems of wisdom --
based on the Venerable Women
philosophy of empowerment,
fulfillment and happy living!

Small enough to fit into your wallet or pocket, yet big enough to easily see and be inspired by!!!

The deck contains 36 cards, 12 based on the sacred V-Attitudes (Venerable Attitudes), and 24 affirmations that will ring true to your being and delight your soul!

  • Use the cards as a morning inspiration by choosing one at random to positively influence your day

  • Use them one after the other for continued inspiration and motivation

  • Another way women love to use them is lay them out at gatherings or circles--to get the conversation started in an inspired direction

These sweet cards make a wonderful gift and come in an organza gift bag. 

Add them to you daily practice, ritual, or altar for dear inspiration you will love!


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