Why Now?
A Spiritual Sisterhood | A Philosophy | A Movement for Change

Why now? In the past few years we have seen a rise in women’s influence—not as much as we would like to see, yet more than in recent decades. When we consider #MeToo for example, the factors that brought the movement forward were courage and sisterhood. Women banded together and supported one another to tell their truth and heal from past injustices. 


In 2012, founder of Venerable Women Dawn Morningstar sensed something was about to change for women—for humanity as a whole. At the time many people were talking about “the shift” and what that meant. The Mayan calendar ended which caused some people to wonder if the world was ending. In fact, what was happening was that humanity was experiencing the end of one era and the beginning of another—it was an astrological shift from a masculine-inspired culture to a feminine one. 


Today we see the winding down of a patriarchal system which treated women as second-class citizens and diminished many of the gifts women possessed in the areas of healing, spiritual leadership and overall influence. With their gifts not expressed and their lives disrespected, women’s sense of self-worth and inner power declined immensely. 


Each one of us has both masculine and feminine qualities in us. When either gets out of balance or has too much control, it does not bode well for the health of the overall system. We all benefit from honoring the feminine and the masculine and living harmoniously. The days of hierarchies of any kind have outlived their purpose.


So here we are today in 2020—and many women still feel the negative effects of living in a system that has not honored them. Lack of self-worth, economic disempowerment and feeling alone or misunderstood on her spiritual journey are just a few ways women’s diminishment have manifested in their lives.


As a professional master coach to women for nearly 30 years, Dawn Morningstar shares all she’s learned, teaches and practices herself with women who seek to live whole, happy and prosperous. Her book, Venerable Women: Transform Ourselves, Transform the World, has inspired thousands of women and her signature program Living LOVE is life-changing.


In 2019, Dawn partnered with Mecca Page to focus on the wave of women's influence as business owners and leaders. Dawn and Mecca created a new coaching model for women business owners based on collaboration, co-creation and feminine Divine wisdom. 

We invite you to experience this unique approach for your business or practice.

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