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Venerable Women is…

“an enriching, life changing loving movement every woman would benefit from.”

“a sacred space of authenticity where like minded women encourage one another.”

“a place where you can fall in love with yourself and be reminded that each of us has a unique gift we bring.”

“a soul searching adventure with other women on the same path, sharing knowledge, experiences, goals and understanding all wrapped up in a room full of love.”


The Venerable Women Signature Program Living LOVE (Lives Of Venerable Expression) is…

“a gathering where a connection to Self and the Divine is nurtured and grows.”

“a positive, safe, and affirming place to meet other women and support each other on our journey through life.”

“Living LOVE and Venerable Women is an amazing way to BE in this world.  It transforms how we see ourselves and brings to light the strength and power we can claim each and every day.”

Founder Dawn Morningstar